Questlove, Scott Storch and OJ

Outtake from "All Falls Down" (XXL, March 2010)


Questlove: "One time Scott took us out to dinner with OJ Simpson. That was really weird. We were working on The Tipping Point. We made a song that Freeway wound up taking and the song that wound up being “Lighter’s Up.” Tariq wanted to write to “Lighter’s Up” so while he was writing, he was like, 'Let’s get something to eat.'

Scott was like, 'I have to make a stop at a dinner party, birthday party.'

I was like, 'Cool.' We met up with Busta and he came along.

We get to this restaurant and it feels like the Bada Bing. It’s like this exclusive Italian restaurant in Miami. Frankie Avalon was playing in the background, and four tables were set up to look like the Last Supper. One of the nephews of one of the guys pointed at me and was like, 'Come here, you are a man of respect, you have to sit with the big dogs. I seen you on Chappelle.' No one else knows who I am.

I didn’t inspect every person there and there are like forty people there. I looked to my left and was like, ‘Holy shit, it’s OJ.’

I tell Scott, ‘You didn’t tell us we were going to dinner with OJ Simpson.’

He’s like, ‘There are surprises every day. I didn’t know. He’s just on the guest list.’

I’m like, 'How is this your life'.

He’s like, ‘Hey man, its been a long time since St. Albans Street’ in Philadelphia.'

Ten drinks later, OJ says to me and Busta, ‘Yeah, Bob Dylan wrote this song about this boxer named Hurricane Carter and how he wasn’t guilty. I want the rappers to make me one. That’s some bullshit.’ If he had two more drinks he would have almost confessed or something.

That was the most surreal night of my life. I was in awe of the situation. I think Scott was enjoying the fact that I was a fish out of water. OJ Simpson. [Laughs]